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Posted by: George Metaxas, 12/20/04, 7:59 p.m.

Gifts that really matter

As we head into this week of Christmas, this Donna Davis Reports focuses on the gifts that really matter--love, family and life. Ten years ago, Action News 5 brought you the story of one of our own who was waiting for a kidney transplant. That very special gift changed his life. Walking into dialysis ten years ago, Action News 5 photojournalist Carl Jones spent every day waiting for the call that would change his life. After being diagnosed with kidney failure in 1993, his days were filled with dialysis treatments and uncertainty.. The thought of a life on dialysis or of leaving his wife and four children was more than Carl could bear. But, now, ten years later, "I feel very good. Life has been very good." In the ten years since his transplant, Carl has had a heart attack and a stroke. He's scaled back his work as a news photographer, but he's thankful for the life he has. "If I hadn't had the transplant, I would probably still be on dialysis. And three hours a day, three days a week, it's not very much fun, because after the treatment, you're tired. It drains you." Since none of his family members were a match, Carl had to wait for a cadaver kidney. The fact, that someone had to lose their life for his to be made whole again is not lost on him. He eventually met his donor's family. And his outlook for the next ten years is the same as it was for the past. "For me it was hopeful. I always had hope that things would be OK. And that's exactly what happened." Carl got the lifesaving phone call December first of 1994, after a year of dialysis. No doubt, his family's greatest gift this holiday is his survival.
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