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New app looks to help victims of domestic violence


Domestic Violence Awareness month may be over, but a new app is helping to save lives and bring awareness on a daily basis. 

The app is called RUSafe and helps put victims of domestic violence in touch with the nearest shelter or hotline in their area. 

Aimee Hall is the executive director of SafeHomes of Augusta, and she thinks this will be big help for victims in the area. 

"I think it's a good concept. There's so many people who do not really understand the warning signs of domestic violence or what those characteristics of an abuser may look like,” she said. 

The app is GPS based and suggests shelters based on your location, and then provides the user with a series of questions to help them figure out if they're in a dangerous situation.

"It nailed what those characteristics of an abuser looks like," Hall said. 

But in the age of technology, Hall has some concerns about the app.

"If the victim can somehow or another keep their phones from their abuser, or somehow or another they can hide that app, I think that would be better. Because then I think if an abuser sees the app and they can see that they've been identifying that they are a victim, or that they can call the crisis hotline, that it could pose more danger for a victim,” said Hall. 

Hall said even though the app is in its early stages, she hopes it's an effective resource to help victims in the CSRA and across the country.

"They have to grab whatever they can grab at that very moment if they're either trying to escape or they're trying to call 911. And so I think having this app, it can be something where they're just sitting there playing on their phone and the abuser may not even have to know that they're using that app. So I do think it's a good thing. I think it's another resource, a good resource that will be positive for victims of domestic violence,” she said. 

RU Safe isRUSafevailable right now in the app store for iPhones and Androids, so if you or anybody else you know is suffering from domestic violence, download the app because help is just a click or a phone call away.

To reach the 24 Crisis Hotline for SafeHomes of Augusta call 706-736-2499. If you're in Aiken, you can contact the Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons at 803-641-4162. 

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