BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Use debit cards to your advantage

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Recent online security breaches are making a lot of people rethink debit cards. There's no high credit card bills or interest charges, but debit is a lot more risky. This Bang for Your Buck segment is about using your plastic to your advantage.

Consumer Reports' Shop Smart Magazine says while debit cards help you avoid getting deep in debt, they can still get you in trouble.

The magazine says don't use debit cards for online shopping, for security reasons.

Don't ever use a debit card on an out of the country trip like in Mexico because of the high risk of fraudulent charges.

Don't use debit cards for large purchases like big TVs or furniture: with a credit card you can easily dispute a broken TV.

Don't use a debit card to raise your credit score, you need a credit card to do that.

There are fraud protection programs on debit cards. Banks will reimburse you if you can prove a purchase was fraudulent, but it could take months. You don't pay a dime when disputing a credit purchase.

If you really need to shop with a debit card, experts suggest tying that card to a separate checking account.

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