BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Save on airline fees

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Save on airline fees

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - If you've traveled the friendly skies, you probably know about all the airline fees that are hitting us more than ever before. WMC Action News 5's Andrew Douglas has some ways to avoid getting nickeled and dimed so you can get more Bang for Your Buck the next time you take off.

So you found a great price on a flight? Don't celebrate: a new report in USA Today says all the new fees can easily add $50 to $100 to that fare per ticket.

Even your carry-on bag can now cost you on discount airlines Allegiant and Frontier.

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Among the biggest add-on fees:

  • Checked bags - $25 at most airlines except for Southwest and JetBlue.
  • Booking by phone - $15 at most airlines.
  • Changing an economy ticket - $200 at Delta, United, and American.
  • In-flight Wi-Fi - $5 to $10

The most hated of the new fees: a fee for your carry-on bag. Frontier, Allegiant, and Spirit, the three deep discounters, now charge between $10 and $75 per bag in the overhead bin.

The major airlines are not charging that fee yet, but it's probably giving them some ideas.

A good idea for you is check the baggage fees at the time you book your ticket, not when you arrive at the airport so you can get more Bang for Your Buck.

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