Weather gets colder, woman uses a machete to defend herself against a burglar

Weather gets colder, woman uses a machete to defend herself against a burglar

Good morning and welcome to a chilly Wednesday morning!! We have hit the mid-week point and are ready to face the challenges of the day ahead. Let's go!

Weather update:

We are right now in the low 30s, but we're getting down to the 20s and teens later in the day and evening. Get ready to bundle up. It will be chilly tonight. We have details on what to expect in the day ahead, the rest of the week and weekend all morning long with weather on the 5's.

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coming into her home. She grabbed a machete to defend herself against a burglary. Details on that just ahead.

2. We are facing some really cold temps this evening with lows dipping down to the teens.

and we have friendly reminders on how to protect yourself, your family and your property.We also watching city crews and schools as they prepare the roads and classrooms for you and your children. Join us for details all morning long.

3. MLGW will decide whether it'll be too cold today to shut off people's utilities for unpaid bills.

in the cold, is learning the hard way how the policy works. You don't have to..We  to show you what you need to know to keep the power on.


are back in action tonight against Atlanta. They hope to extend their winning ways. We'll preview the match up later this morning.

Here are the top stories on

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