Pest problems plague Raleigh apartment complex

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's not the cold, but critters causing discomfort at one Memphis apartment complex.

Residents called WMC Action News 5 to try and put roaches and other pests on the run.

From cell phone video shot by concerned residents, as well as footage captured by WMC, it is clear humans are not the only ones living at Austin Pointe Apartments in Raleigh.

"They come out and spray for roaches, the bedbugs get bad -- they come spray for bedbugs, the roaches get bad," said Regina Scott.

Scott showed WMC evidence of the infestation, including what she called bite marks on her arm.

"They eat with us, sleep with us, bathe with us, watch TV with us -- you turn around, they kicking it on the couch with you," added Scott.

Some neighbors say have moved out partly because of the bugs.

"I own the roaches, cause they all inside of my house. We pay rent for them, basically, feeding them and everything," said one resident.

Residents say they're on a waiting list, but have not seen an exterminator in ages.

The manager of the complex says complaints are taken seriously, and that apartments are treated as soon as possible. Her advice — that residents do a bit more cleaning up in their units.

WMC's Jason Miles is in contact with LEDIC Management, the complex owner, as well. Meanwhile, residents thought the health department might intervene, but it does not inspect or remediate issues in public or private dwellings.

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