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Harsh weather conditions team coverage , More Paris violence, FL girl thrown off bridge, NAACP office targeted

(WMC) - Good morning everyone! It is a busy morning in addition to the brutally cold conditions across the Mid-South. We are following breaking news throughout the overnight hours across the region and across the world.

Weather update:

You're waking up to temps in the teens and single digits this morning, lots of sunshine is headed our way but temps are only expected to get into the low 30s today. We have details on when we'll see warmer temps all morning long with weather on the 5's.

Here are some of the top stories we're following at this hour:

1. As of right now Shelby County Schools and the municipal school districts in Shelby County are open this morning. We're watching the latest with the cold weather and what could be impacted. We will be live out in the elements to talk about what you can expect today. We have team coverage all morning long.

2. We are also following several breaking stories including a tragic and awful story out of the Tampa area where police say a father threw his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge and into the water killing her. Detectives have the father in custody.

3. We're also following breaking news out of Paris where two people have been shot including another police officer both are in grave condition. We have the latest on the investigation in the region all morning long.

4. Police in Colorado are on the hunt for a possible hate crime suspect who set off an explosion outside a NAACP office. Details on the investigation this morning.

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Join us as we wake up with you and help you get through this cold spell! We are live on WMC from 4:30-7 a.m.

Andrew Douglas
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