Parents, students react to fight at Whitehaven High School

Parents, students react to fight at Whitehaven High School

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Three adults and two teenagers are facing charges after a massive brawl Friday night at Whitehaven High School.

Friday night, Memphis police blocked the area and arrested people they said were fighting.

"Well it's kind of sad, really," said parent Idell Bady, "It's actually sad that kids cannot come out and enjoy themselves. It seems like everywhere you go now there is a lot of trouble."

Police took seven people total into custody, two teenagers and five adults. They are all charged with assault.

When classes dismissed Monday, students spoke out against the situation. They said the action of a few should not reflect negatively on the entire Whitehaven High School student body.

"That was probably just a few people who did that, that's all," said Whitehaven student Tywan Davis. "I wasn't even here but I think it's just the actions of a few people."

A spokesperson for Shelby County Schools says the district is working with police to investigate the fight.

Meanwhile, parents say they hope something can be done to prevent incidents like this fight from happening again.

"Well, we have tried just about everything so prayer and praying is the only thing that I know you can, you know, maybe help the situation," Bady commented. "We got police everywhere, so I don't know. It really starts at home. I think parents need to control their kids better at home. If you train 'em up right, they will act right when they go out."

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