Mother says teacher choked her son

Mother says teacher choked her son

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tametrius Walker has kept her 7th grade son at home after a shocking encounter in a school hallway.

Surveillance video from just before the holiday break at East Junior High appears to show the 7th grader's social studies teacher grab him before both round a corner out of view.

Walker believes her son was choked after they rounded the corner.

"You can't actually see him getting choked in the corner," said Walker. "But you can see him in the corner, doing something to him."

"I think he should get charged and he should get fired," Walker said about the teacher.

WMC Action News 5 has decided not to reveal the teacher's name since there has been no disciplinary action.

Fayette County law enforcement officials say they determined there was not enough evidence for criminal charges.

However, statements from students seem to support Walker's son. More than one said they saw him getting "choked" after bumping into the teacher in the hallway.

"And my son told him, 'I didn't bump you, you bumped me,' and that's when Mr. ___ grabbed him by his collar, pushed him into a corner, and choked him," Walker recalled.

According to an email Walker received from the superintendent, the school district has only decided to separate her son from the teacher's classroom for now.

"They giving me the runaround and not doing what they supposed to do," Walker commented.

Phone calls to the school district and a request for comment from the teacher have not been returned.

Walker says she is consulting an attorney.

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