Investigators in Jessica Chambers case search for new clues

Investigators in Jessica Chambers case search for new clues

PANOLA CO, MS (WMC) - Investigators in Panola County, Mississippi say they are turning over every stone in the search for justice for Jessica Chambers.

There have been no major updates in the Jessica Chambers case. She was found burning alive on a Panola County road in December. She was taken to the hospital in Memphis where she later died.

The FBI added $25,000 to the Jessica Chambers reward for a total of $43,000. Investigators hope new reward money will generate some tips.

More than 100 people have been questioned, but no suspects have been named.

Panola County resident Jonathan Willey said, "This is a small town. Somebody knows something."

District Attorney John Champion says they have been re-interviewing suspects. He admits that there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered about the timeline leading up to her death.

"We still have some gaps that we don't have an answer to at this point, and those are some of the things we're still trying to figure out on these gaps," said Champion. "Quite frankly, we're still getting little tidbits of new information periodically that we're following up on."

Investigators believe the attack could have been targeted at Jessica Chambers, but they aren't ruling anything out.

"We're still under the belief that is an event geared towards her," said District Attorney John Champion. "We certainly haven't ruled out that it's a random person. But we're focusing on more local at this time."

Jessica Chambers mother, Lisa Chambers, said her daughter was just straightening out her life.

"She had anger issues," explained Lisa Chambers. "She would I guess get mad because she had to stay at home."

She said her daughter had gotten counseling for her anger issues.

"Me and her had a problem at home with her mouth and the way she acted," recalled Lisa Chambers. "And we had her sent there so she could learn to act more like a lady. "

Jessica's mother said her daughter was excited about a new job at a department store. She says her daughter even planned to write a book about her life after being inspired by a talk at a church function.

For now, Jessica Chambers' family is left with no answers and a lot of pain.

"Believe you me, you never think it's going to happen," advised Lisa Chambers. "But I can promise you it can be your child."

If you have any information that might help get Justice for Jessica, please call Mississippi CrimeStoppers at 1-800-729-2169.

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