Suspect in Bobo murder receives death threats

Suspect in Bobo murder receives death threats

DECATUR COUNTY, TN (WMC) - A former Chester County jailer says he received two threatening phone calls about a plot to kill Zach Adams, a suspect in the Holly Bobo murder case.

Shelby County Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Nichols recently took over the prosecution for the Bobo murder case. Around the same time, suspects in the case asked for all charges to be dropped.

Zach Adams' mother said she is "concerned for his safety".

Cindy Adams said since her son's arrest, he "has received multiple threats. Some of my family members have been threatened as well."

The jailer said he received an anonymous call from a man asking him to help assassinate Adams while officers transported him to and from court.

Adams wears a bullet proof vest and has heavy security when he is transported.

The former jailer said he got a call a few days ago from someone who said, "You had an opportunity to take care of Zach Adams, and if he gets off this, you will pay the price."

"My son has a constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial and the last time I checked a person is innocent until proven guilty," said Cindy Adams. "As I've said before, we want justice for Holly, but as a mother, I want justice for my son as well."

Investigators are trying to determine who made the phone calls.

Zach Adams is no longer in the Chester County Jail.

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