Family says 20-year jail sentence doesn't fit the brutal crime

Family says 20-year jail sentence doesn't fit the brutal crime

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - It's been a rough two and a half years for the Sy family as they continue to pray for peace and fighting for justice.

Each day gets harder and harder for the family of Alasaane Sy.

"We rather see our daddy here right now, than in the nursing home because he was everything to us," said Amir Sy.

Sy's father Alasaane has spent more than two years going back and forth to a hospital. Now, he's living in a nursing home trying to recover from a brutal beating.

"Even just going to the nursing home and seeing my daddy, and the man that I look up to and now he's lying down and he's not even talking or recognizing me, it's kind of sad," added Sy.

Mariquez Moore plead guilty of beating Amir's father with a baseball bat in 2012. It all reportedly happened after a parking lot dispute over a parking space next to the family's business. Moore could face up to 20 years behind bars after Monday's guilty plea.

"These 20 years they give the boy, I'm not liking it," said Alasaane's wife, Kadia Sy.

Moore was only 15 years old when the beating happened, but has served time in adult jail. The family fears Moore may only serve a portion of his sentence and believes he should face more time for the physical, emotional and financial stress the beating has placed on the family.

"We have family back home who have to eat too. My daddy was everything. He took care of the family here and the family back home," added Amir.

Moore's mother, Tanya Wilkins was also charged, accused of threatening Sy's family. She's set for trial on January 26. Chris Lareau is the prosecutor in Moore's guilty plea.

"This office felt that 20 years was adequate justice and would bring the matter to an end for Ms Sy and her family," said Assistant District Attorney Chris Lareau.

Even though the ADA worked with the Sy family on the sentencing agreement, the family told WMC Action News 5 that it still doesn't feel like it's enough time.

"My life, they broke my life," added Kadia.

WMC Action News 5 reached out to Moore's attorney, Lorna McCluskey, who ways her client was a very young man when this happened and believes 20 years is fair.

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