Red light cameras could return to three Germantown intersections

New red lights could be on the way in Germantown

GERMANTOWN, TN (WMC) - In Germantown, three intersections have red light cameras installed, but they haven't worked since 2012.

But soon, pending board approval, running a red light in Germantown could cost you — Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton says the city plans to bring back its red light camera system.

If approved, red light cameras will be installed at the intersections of Poplar and Kimbrough, Poplar and Exeter and Farmington and Germantown, possibly by late March.

Lawton says they plan to bring back these red light cameras in heavy traffic areas hoping to cut down on accidents.

"There's always a wreck on Germantown parkway," said resident Brenda Silcox.

The lights have been inoperable since the city's contract expired with the previous vendor in 2012 and because of the recent construction on Poplar through Germantown.

The program will pay for itself through the $50 citation fee issued, which should cover the cost of the rent of the equipment. However, some say the new red light cameras could be a waste of money after a Tennessee state lawmaker said he plans to file legislation that will get rid of red light cameras in the state.

Lawton says in the coming year, the city will lobby in Nashville to keep red light cameras legal, noting that the revenue from the cameras will go to driver educational programs in the city.

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