A Better Mid-South: Dixie's Rescue

A Better Mid-South: Dixie's rescue

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Editorial by WMC Action News 5 General Manager Tracey Rogers:

It's a great day to be in the Mid-South. It's a great day to be in Memphis, and it's a great day to be Dixie the Dog.

We are celebrating with Dixie's family from Canada after the dog was found and rescued by the Memphis Police Department.

Dixie was stolen last week from her family's car while they were in a restaurant eating dinner.

Video showed a crook snatching Dixie from the car.

Dixie's owners said they would never come to Memphis again and would tell others not to come to Memphis.

For those of you who have said the story of Dixie is not news — I beg to differ.

What happened with Dixie is more than just an everyday story about a dog. It's a story about people who were not going to let a couple of dog thieves ruin the image of our city.

People came out of the woodwork to help Dixie and her parents be reunited.

I think that deserves a whole lot of news coverage.

The reunion was a happy ending that is making this A Better Mid-South.

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