City employees question insurance surcharges

City employees question insurance surcharges

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Tuesday morning, Memphis City Council members will hear from city retirees and employees who say they are being over-charged for health insurance by the administration.

This meeting comes after Fran Triplett, wife of an MPD officer, collected a tally of more than 400 retirees and active city workers who say they are seeing unnecessary charges for health care on their pay stubs.

"So I have to fix a problem that the administration should be able to fix themselves?" Triplett asked.

Triplett says she first noticed a charge for the spousal surcharge on her husband's paycheck, a charge she says is not warranted since she does not have access to other insurance. She then put out a call on social media asking others to look at their paychecks.

"I was flooded with emails, over 100 emails, comments, texts, phone calls," says Triplett. She says more than 400 people contacted her with errors.

Chairman Myron Lowery along with the other city council members will hear about this benefit mix up Tuesday.

"These mistakes should not happen," says Lowery.

Lowery says any mistakes made by the administration will be fixed.

"Citizens should not have to come back to the council to correct mistakes in one of the departments," says Lowery.

City council members are set to discuss the matter Tuesday morning in the Personnel Committee Meeting at 8:30 a.m.

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