Gallaway residents fear hazardous waste being dumped

GALLAWAY, TN (WMC) - Folks who live in Gallaway, Tennessee want to know what is being dumped on land in their town.

They say they see dozens and dozens of trucks each day, and sometimes at night, dumping something.

Resident Doug Starnes said, "All the people in the area, they're concerned about the dumping that's going on up the street. We're having a lot of problems with the debris. We're just all concerned about what is going on. We got gravel trucks coming in there like 50 times a day."

Shate Toliver says she has seen digging. "I noticed some individuals over there digging in the middle of the night and I got scared so I turned around and I just went the other way. It was just too much going on."

Bill Ray owns the land. He said the debris being dumped is just concrete, not hazardous waste.

He says it is coming from the old Arlington Developmental Center.

Ray says he is building a 15-acre private lake he plans to stock with bass and crappie.

The Gallaway police chief said he has gotten complaints from citizens.

The state came out last week to determine what is being dumped. What it is has not yet been determined.

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