Police charge Memphis woman with 8th DUI

Police charge Memphis woman with 8th DUI

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Jail time, a revoked driver's license, and numerous fees didn't stop a Memphis woman from getting behind the wheel drunk ... again, according to police.

Karen McBride, 49, was arrested for her eighth DUI on Thursday.

According to police, McBride was stopped for a traffic violation at Poplar Avenue and Highland Street. The officer gave McBride a sobriety test after he noticed a strong odor of alcohol in the car. She reportedly failed the test.

McBride has a long history of drinking and driving. Her first arrest was in 1991. Several DUIs followed, resulting in jail time and a suspended license.

After so many offenses, many people are wondering why she allowed to get behind the wheel again?

"Eight times. It could have been her, me, you, or anybody could have lost their lives," said Carolyn Odoms, who is concerned about the number of McBride's DUIs. "She shouldn't be on the road."

Right now, state law says "habitual offenders" can be given jail time, ordered to participate in an alcohol treatment program, or have a monitoring device installed on their cars. But Representative GA Hardaway says it still takes prosecutors and judges to enforce those laws and hand down stiffer penalties.

"Something just didn't go right here," he said. "I just don't understand with all the monitoring devices that the court has, how she can drink in the first place."

Ruby Crawford, who worries about the safety of her two kids, says the laws on distracted driving of any kind are not stiff enough.

"You would hate to lose your life to a drunk driver," she said. "I try to watch for all the other drivers and drive careful myself."

If you'd like to get in touch with your state representatives regarding the drunk driving laws, refer to the information below.

TN Sen. District 29: Sen. Lee Harris (615) 741-1767

TN Sen. District 30: Sen. Sara Kyle (615) 741-4167

TN Sen. District 31: Sen. Brian Kelsey (615) 741-3036

TN Sen. District 32: Sen. Mark Norris (615) 741-1967

TN Sen. District 33: Sen. Reginald Tate (615) 741-2509

TN House District 83: Rep. Mark White (615) 741-4415

TN House District 84: Rep. Joe Towns (615) 741-2189

TN House District 85: Rep. Johnnie Turner (615) 741-6954

TN House District 86: Rep. Barbara Cooper (615) 741-4295

TN House District 87: Rep. Karen Camper (615) 741-1898

TN House District 88: Rep. Larry Miller (615) 741-4453

TN House District 90: Rep. John DeBerry (615) 741-2239

TN House District 91: Rep. Raumesh Akbari (615) 741-3830

TN House District 93: Rep. G.A. Hardaway (615) 741-5625

TN House District 95: Rep. Curry Todd 615) 741-1866

TN House District 98: Rep. Antonio Parkinson (615) 741-4575

TN House District 99: Rep. Ron Lollar (615) 741-7084

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