Family recovers, police search for suspect after SUV crashes into home

Family recovers, police search for suspect after SUV crashes into home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Debris still lies everywhere and a huge hole spans the walls where the living room windows used to be in a couple's home before an SUV crashed into it on Friday.

"A lot of it got knocked in," said Alex Milton, the couple's son. "I pulled a lot of it outside."

Milton says his parents, Peggy and Reverend Gene Medford, have lived in the house at St. Elmo and Belleau Avenue for almost 20 years.

Now, part of their living room looks like a bomb hit it after an SUV driver jumped the curb, crashed through their fence, and traveled more than 40 feet before slamming into the elderly couple's house.

"When I came out the house all I heard was a loud skeet, boom, and ran into the house," recalled neighbor Ernest McLawyer.

Witnesses say the SUV hit so hard it pinned Reverend Medford to the recliner chair he was sitting in while watching TV.

"My father has got stitches and possibly a broke ankle," said Milton.

Milton added that his mother's injuries are minor.

Milton says that if his parents had been sitting one foot to the left, they could have died.

Meanwhile, the driver who caused this mess and left his SUV behind is still on the run.

Police have the vehicle in custody.

"My father's been a minister for over 50 years, so we definitely believe in God for sure," said Milton.

Milton says his parents, who are still recovering, wanted everyone to know how thankful to God they are to be alive.

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