SCS parents receive optional school applications

SCS parents receive optional school applications

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Some extremely dedicated parents are off the hook and no longer camping outside Shelby County Schools headquarters.

Last week, dozens of parents brought tents and warm clothes to help them stay comfortable while waiting through the elements.

The parents wanted to make sure their children got into the optional school of their choice.

"Basically, I didn't want to leave anything to chance," Pat Parhalathan told WMC Action News 5.

Parhalathan has been camped outside SCS headquarters since Wednesday. Monday morning, he was 5th in line to receive an optional school application.

District leaders say camping out is unnecessary. They say 99 percent of students landed in the school they wanted last year.

But parents tell us that 1 percent chance of missing out is worth braving the elements to avoid.

"There are a certain number of allocated positions or slots in each school," Parhalathan said. "As you can tell, there's already over 250 lined up."

Monday morning SCS opened the doors and gave out bar coded applications. Parents will now use those applications to sign their children up for the school of their choice.

Click here to learn more about the SCS Optional School program.

While SCS says parents don't need to camp out, some parents we talked to say the fact that people still do it makes them think there's a reason behind the madness.

"I presume that SCS is wanting to reward the more dedicated parents, otherwise they could end this," Elizabeth McFadden said. "They could shut it down."

Until that happens, parents must complete the application and get it back to district headquarters by Friday January 30.

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