Josh Pastner says he doesn't like dancing

Josh Pastner says he doesn't like dancing

After the Memphis Tigers dramatic 57-55 win Saturday on the road against Tulane, Tiger head coach Josh Pastner broke out some dance moves with his team in celebration. The resulting video has drawn praise for enjoying the moment with his players, and criticism for his...well his actual dancing ability.

Tuesday at the Tiger basketball news conference, after more pertinent topics were already addressed, Pastner gave a pretty good reason as to why his dance moves weren't akin to Usher or Barishnikov.

"I don't dance," said Pastner. "I dislike dancing, I just happened to enjoy the moment with the team." That's fine, not everyone enjoys dancing, but Pastner elaborated how he's especially averse.

"I'm not a dancer, I have no desire to dance, and I did not dance on my wedding night, I just don't dance," said Pastner. "In college if we went out with my friends or somewhere, I just sat, I would never dance."

But there is hope for Pastner yet, calling up Men Without Hats, he can dance if he wants to, and says there's one occasion in which he may put on his boogie shoes.

"Maybe I'll, probably, dance at my daughter's wedding," said Pastner. "But other than that, I don't dance."

Sir Josh D'Voidoffunk and the Tigers will look to keep improving on the floor of FedExForum, where they play East Carolina Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

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