Woman tries to save young crash victims

Woman tries to save young crash victims

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Monday, Barbra Howard was forced to make the toughest decision of her life.

"I had to pull the plug on my baby," said Howard.

Howard's son Darryl died days after police say 26-year-old Sparkel Hastings lost control of her SUV, hitting Darryl and his friend Joshua McDowell as she walked the boys to a nearby corner store.

"Before I could do anything, I see my baby flying in the air and hitting the ground," recalled Howard.

Jennifer Wiles, who lives near the crash site, tried to help the 11-year-old boys.

"And uh, the car was flipped over and the little boy was laying right around here," recalled Wiles. "So the little boy was right here and his pulse stopped, and me and another female started giving him CPR."

Neighbors did what they could before paramedics arrived.

"That boy is really sweet. I talk to him almost every day," said Wiles. "It hurts, it hurts very bad."

Loved ones are showing their support with a candlelight vigil and bringing some relief to two grieving families.

Howard commented, "My baby's life was taken from him by some stupidity."

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