Forever Family: Allen believes family should last forever

Forever Family: Allen believes family is forever
Allen and his friends getting ready to play laser tag at Laser Quest (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
Allen and his friends getting ready to play laser tag at Laser Quest (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - WMC Action News 5 is excited to bring you another edition of our 'Forever Family' segment. Being the first to care and first to serve in the Mid-South, we're helping children up for adoption find permanent homes by highlighting exceptional kids once a month.

It's hard to stomach when a child tells you they were mistreated or abused by someone who was supposed to protect them from harm.

Allen, 16, has been through more than most adults. If you ask him about his life so far, he will tell you it's been rough.

In his words: "A lot of hell."

Allen says any abuse you can name, he knows about it personally.

He's been in and out of foster care over the years, and he's been a ward of the state of Tennessee since 2009.

"I've met plenty of friends, but it don't last that long."

Troubles aside, he's still a teenager. His favorite football team is the Cowboys. He loves art, and he can even create some art of his own. He is also all about fishing.

"Usually I try and catch the big stuff, catfish or bass," he told WMC Action News 5's Ursula Madden.

Like most teenage boys, he's always down for a game of laser tag. Running around corners and up and down ramps, the game is a lot like what's happening in Allen's life. There's uncertainty. He never knows what will jump out at him, and there's only a hope that he can win the game.

In a Laser Quest game with his friend, Jamie, Allen came out on top.

He's hoping he can do the same as he grows up. He just needs a little help from people who will take him in their hearts.

Allen says there's one key thing he wants from his adoptive family.

"To last long with each other. I want to be with a family that stays a family."

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