What we're working on this morning

What we're working on this morning

Happy Friday  morning!

Here's what we're working on for you this morning:


after shooting at Murfreesboro police near a standoff at Middle Tennessee State University. The latest information this morning in a live report.


but police have concerns that it could endanger police officers. We'll explain the controversy this morning in a live report this morning.

3. Today is a big day for Elvis fans.

is happening this weekend. We have details this morning.

4. Cheesecake Factory fans looks like a restaurant could be coming soon to Memphis. We're talking about the latest on talks and when and where you could visit one.

5. It

's Freebie Friday! This morning's report showcases free stuff from coffee to music and cooking classes. See Kym's report at 6 a.m.

Weather report:

, we're expecting temps in the mid 40s later today with sunshine. It could be a little warmer this morning and we could see rain as well. Details on your ever changing forecast on WMC with Weather on the 5s every 10 mins.

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