Investigators 'not getting anywhere' in Jessica Chambers case

Investigators 'not getting anywhere' in Jessica Chambers case

PANOLA CO, MS (WMC) - It has been almost two months since Jessica Chambers was discovered horribly burned near her car in Panola County, Mississippi. Investigators say after more than 100 interviews, and one day away from what would have been Chambers' 20th birthday, they still have no idea who killed her.

"We don't know who it was," D.A. John Champion said.

Chambers' friends and family are just a few of the people around the country who want to find #JusticeForJessica.

The publicity surrounding her story caused bloggers to take their opinions and push them online. Many of those bloggers are casting criticism on Champion and the investigation into Chambers' death.

"We're still not getting anywhere with it," Champion said. "As far as who did it, that is the big question."

For the first time, investigators say they have no suspects of any kind.

There are now two online petitions claiming there were mistakes made in the investigation. One asks the governor of Mississippi to get involved.  The other takes the plea all the way to The White House.

Some people criticize how the crime scene was handled, claiming investigators unsecured it too soon. Champion responded saying investigators were there all night and throughout the next day.

"I don't have any concerns whatsoever about the way the crime scene was handled," he said.

There is also criticism over the handling of a key piece of evidence: the burned out car.

Champion admits that instead of taking the vehicle straight to impound, the driver stopped at a gas station to buy something. In fact, he stopped at the very gas station where Chambers' last moments alive were caught on camera.

Nonetheless, Champion says the stop didn't compromise any evidence.

"The car was burned so bad, we don't know at this point what was in there," he explained.

The critics online may be vocal, but you won't find any in Panola County.

"I think they are doing their job," Chambers' cousin, Windy Melton, said, "These wannabe detectives [online] need to leave it alone and let the real people do their jobs and find justice for Jessica."

Governor Phil Bryant says he's seen the online petition, but he's standing behind local investigators.

"This notion that local investigators there aren't doing all they can is just baseless," the governor said.

Even the people most anxious to find the killer, like Jessica Chambers' father, Ben, have expressed no fault with the investigation.

"The sheriff texted me the other day and said, 'Ben, I'll never give up on it,'" he said.

The current reward for information in this case sits at $53,000. If you know anything, the family begs you to call Panola County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-729-2169.

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