Are you living in a robbery hot spot?

Are you living in a robbery hot spot?

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - On average, people in Memphis get robbed 8 times a day.

A young Memphis mother, who was victimized on Christmas Eve and asked to remain anonymous, shared her story with WMC Action News 5.

After buying last minute gifts, the woman pulled into her driveway with her purse in the front seat and her newborn daughter in the back. As soon she got out of the car, two men approached her.

"He pulled out the gun and said 'I don't care about your daughter being in the car,'" she said.

The men pointed the gun at her face and reportedly demanded all her money. Police caught one of the suspected gunmen; the other is still at large.

This mother survived her chilling experience of a driveway robbery, but she's left with an experience she cannot forget.

"I pull into my driveway, day or night, I just feel scared and uncomfortable," she explained.

That same type of fear grips people in many Memphis neighborhoods. There are five communities that fall victim to robberies more than others in the Bluff City.

In Whitehaven, 218 robberies were reported last year alone. In Hickory Hill, Orange Mound, and Frayser, 766 people were robbed last year. Neighbors around Memphis International Airport reported 337 robberies.

There are a few tips you should remember to avoid becoming a victim. Park in well lit areas, travel in groups, be aware of your surroundings, and try to avoid distractions, like talking on the phone.

Also, becoming involved in your Neighborhood Watch can help. For anyone looking for more information about these groups, reach out to your local police precinct.

Below is contact information to the eight Memphis police precincts.

District One


3840 Ridgeway Road

Phone 901-636-4531

Fax 901-636-4536

2234 Truitt
Phone 901-636-4800
Fax 901-636-4818

Mt. Moriah Station
2602 Mt. Moriah
Phone 901-636-4199
Fax 901-795-6570

Raines Station
791 E. Raines
Phone 901-636-4599
Fax 901- 332-3254

District Two

Appling Farms Station

6850 Appling Farms Parkway

Phone 901-636-4400

Fax 901-373-0856

426 Tillman
Phone 901-636-3000
Fax: 901-452-9612

Old Allen Station
3633 Allen Rd
Phone: 901-636-4399
Fax: 901-377-0559

Union Station
1925 Union Ave.
Phone 901-636-4631
Fax 901-274-8182

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