Man attacks people with sledgehammer

Man attacks people with sledgehammer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis man is facing aggravated riot charges after a brawl in South Memphis.

It happened at a home on McKellar Avenue. Police say around 2 p.m. on January 18, a man with a sledgehammer walked up to a car parked there and started swinging.

Now, Marcus Smith is charged with aggravated riot and vandalism.

For neighbors, the attack was a frightening sight. Antonio Jones says he shot cell phone video of the incident.

"And he started going, bashing, swinging, and fighting and kicking the girl," recalled Jones.

Jones says he believes the fight was a domestic incident between Smith and the woman who lives at the house on McKellar.

At one point, several of Smith's family members were also involved in the punching and the pounding of the car.

While Smith sits in jail on aggravated riot and vandalism charges, police are now looking for several members of his family.

"Unusual, very unusual," said neighbor Laverne Williamson. "We don't usually have that type of thing happening around here."

Neighbors say attacks like the one Smith and his family members are accused of don't usually happen around here. But Jones says when he saw how angry everyone was getting, he felt the need to take pictures.

"I had to record that because I knew it was going to be some foul play," explained Jones.

Meanwhile the women who were attacked are recovering from cuts and bruises.

According to police, the situation remains under investigation.

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