Discovering the world of marshall arts

Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves, young and not-so young. And for some parents, following the footsteps of their children helped them discover the world of marshall arts. They learn from a master. One woman, a 4th degree black belt, brings down able body men with one twist. Jason Bunch began his quest for a black belt after his 6 year old enrolled at Memphis ATA Black Belt Academy on Poplar. Bunch said, "I've got a wife and two small children. My son is six and my daughter is two. If something did present itself, I feel like I could protect myself and them than I could have before." Academy owner Marcia Turner says children learn stranger dangers and how to protect themselves from bullies. Turner said, "But then we have parents join for different reasons: for fitness, for building their own confidence, things like that." Student Linda Bui said, "I used to be very shy until I came here. Now I'm the most energetic person here." Everyone here---young and young at heart---say learning self defense skills improves self-confidence: You can attend a free clinic at Memphis-American Taekwondo Association Black belt Academy, 34-75 Poplar from 6 o'clock until 8 o'clock Friday evening, January 28. If that time and location doesn't work for you, you can check with other ATA schools in Olive Branch, Bartlett, Raleigh, Millington or Covington.