$317 million up for grabs in Wednesday Powerball drawing

Powerball fever sweeps across the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot is the second largest is has been in the past 12 months: $317 million.

That type of cash has players everywhere getting creative with their strategies to hit the jackpot.

"I have certain scratch offs that I like to buy, but when the power ball is this high, I always get something," lottery player Susan Fiedler said.

Just the mention of a chance at multi-millions has Memphians feeling lucky.

Some have a method as to how they choose their numbers--others don't.

"Any kind of way that I can figure out how to win, I'll try it," Ike Howard said.

"I pick random, quick picks. I figure their numbers are as good as mine," Fiedler said.

But there may be a cheat sheet. A website called

claims to break down chances based on past results, winning retail locations, and even a frequency chart that shows how often numbers have won.

The odds of winning the current jackpot are 1 in 175,223,510. The Lotto Strategies website says the numbers 16 and 54 are two of the most played and won numbers.

Mathematically, it makes no difference what numbers have hit recently, but many players feel they could catch a hot streak by knowing what's hit lately.

Wednesday night's drawing is for an estimated $317 million. After taxes, a winner would take home about $220 million.

"I've looked at that website quite a few times, I don't know if it helps or not it makes me feel better," Fiedler said.

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