DeSoto Co. residents notice increase in trash along roadways

DeSoto County residents notice increase in litter
(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (WMC) - Neighbors in DeSoto County are hoping for a solution to an increase in roadside trash that continues to pile up.

Items like chips, beer cans, take-out containers, even a McDonald's apple pie are among the items that you can find along Byhalia Road in the county.

"No one likes trash on their road, it looks disgraceful," Sherry Latham said.

Tony Bennett and Sherry Latham have lived next to each other for a decade. They say litter bugs have always been a problem.

"As long as I've lived here there's been a can or two or a cigarette pack or something," Latham added.

Lately, neighbors are starting to notice more junk.

"We've had a full time crew, we haven't had one for the last four or five months, so people are noticing a significant increase in the amount of trash that's collecting on roadways." said DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Macon Moore.

Moore said the department had been handling trash cleanup with inmates, but recently had to reassign the deputy in charge to court security.

"We do know it's an issue, but for us, court security takes priority over trash detail," Moore explained, admitting that the county roads may be more unsightly since the change, but insists they're working on solutions with county leaders.

Right now, Mississippi Department of Transportation works with the county to cleanup state highways, but that leaves no help for county roads where Latham and Bennett live.

The county is considering alternatives from hiring part time workers to moving the detail to another department.

If inmates continue to be utilized for trash pickup, Moore says the supervisor would need to be trained.

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