4 students arrested at Oakhaven High School

4 students arrested at Oakhaven High School

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police officers arrested four students at Oakhaven High School on Wednesday morning, but the reason behind the arrests is not being revealed.

While police and school officials remain tight-lipped about the morning's events, some students had a lot to say.

"It was some kids they were looking for, so they came into the classroom," said a student.

Students said they were surprised to see their classmates handcuffed and placed in the back of squad cars.

MPD had this to say when WMC Action News 5 asked what happened, "MPD officers were assisting investigators on a follow-up investigation and four students were taken into custody."

A Shelby County Schools representative said they were told that "whatever is going on with these students has nothing to do with the school."

Of course, the rumor mill is turning at Oakhaven High School.

Some students claim the teenagers who were arrested have information about a recent robbery of a pizza delivery person.

"And took his pizza and his phone and I think that's how it got back to the school, you know, it was an iPhone and I think they tracked the phone," said a student.

Students admit the arrests got everyone's attention and taught a valuable lesson they won't soon forget.

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