What we're working on tonight

What we're working on tonight

Weather Update:

Meteorologist Ron Childers will tell you about our rain chances for the weekend. Plus he'll give you an updated look at our 7-day forecast.

What we're working on:

Janice Broach has been on the scene of a standoff all night, where a man allegedly stabbed a woman then barricaded himself inside of a home. She'll have the very latest tonight at 10.

It's the confession Chris Jones made to Germantown police in the death of his estranged wife Heather. The chilling video you'll see for the first time on WMC Action News 5 at 10.

Only on 5, a pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint by a group of people. His scary story, and whether this crime has ties to a group of students taken into police custody, at 10.

A Mid-South couple says they're being terrorized by a nasty neighbor. Hear why they believe they're in danger from the nightmare next door, tonight at 10.

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5. $1 million Powerball ticket remains unclaimed

We hope you'll join us on WMC Action News 5 at 10 after the premiere of "Allegiance."

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