Former juror serves jail time for Facebook messaging with defendant

Former juror serves jail time for Facebook messaging with defendant
Markelvious Moore (Source: SCSO)
Markelvious Moore (Source: SCSO)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - You could call him a courtroom Casanova. A man on trial for aggravated robbery was caught sending a juror inappropriate messages on Facebook.

Records show that Renita Scott, who was serving as a juror during the trial last September, was talking to Markelvious Moore on Facebook while he was on trial.

Scott will be forced to spend one day in jail for contempt of court after Criminal Judge James Beasley said she willfully disregarded court orders.

Detectives learned that after Moore's trial, Scott used a cell phone to discuss the case with Moore while he was free on bond.

Records show that in one Facebook post, Scott told Moore, "It's looking good." He then liked her comment on Facebook.

The jury ended up finding Moore guilty; he was sentenced to nine years in prison.

No one was home Thursday at Scott's listed address, but many people say this should be a lesson learned.

"The defendant and the jurors are not supposed to talk about the case," Nicole Kennebrew said.

"It's against the law. I know that. Everyone else should know that," Ruby Bailes agreed. "She wasn't thinking at all. She couldn't have been thinking, because she shouldn't have been doing it."

Moore is now charged with improper influence of a juror.

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