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A bill to allow guns in Tennessee parks returns in General Assembly

(Photo Source: WMC Action News 5) (Photo Source: WMC Action News 5)
NASHVILLE, TN (WMC) - The guns in parks bill is back on the table in the Tennessee General Assembly.
The legislation passed in the Senate last year, but it failed in the House.
Here is the wording of SB168 from the Tennessee General Assembly: 

Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, removes the authority of local governments to prohibit by resolution the possession of handguns in parks or recreational areas owned or operated by the local government; exempts persons who are authorized to carry handguns from the offense of carrying or possessing weapons in parks and recreational areas. - Amends TCA Section 39-17-1311.

Coming up tonight at 5 p.m., WMC Action News 5's Kontji Anthony will bring you reaction from those for and against the new bill.
Meanwhile, several other guns bills have been filed this session, including the following:

“Guns in Trunks” bill - SB168 would authorize lawsuits against employers for firing or punishing and employee for having a gun in a personal vehicle.

“Guns at Schools” bill - SB70 allows handgun permit holders to keep their weapons in a locked car on school grounds (Sen. Brian Kelsey of Germantown).

“Major Weapons” bill - HB136 says a person with a federally registered machine gun, sawed-off shotgun or silencer cannot be prosecuted under state law for illegal possession.

“Guns and Criminal Background Checks” bill - SB207 eliminates the requirement for a criminal background check for gun purchases if your carry permit has been issued or renewed in the past five years.

“Stolen Guns” bill - HB139 makes it a Class E felony to knowingly possess a stolen firearm. 

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