Multiple law enforcement agencies investigate cargo trailer break-in

Multiple law enforcement agencies investigate cargo trailer break-in

TURRELL, AR (WMC) - As drivers and truckers traveled up and down Interstate 55 Tuesday in Arkansas, they came face-to-face with dozens of law enforcement patrol cars searching for a wanted man.

A spokesperson for Arkansas State Police said officers were searching for two suspects in connection to an attempted break-in of a cargo trailer parked along the road in Turrell. They arrested one of the men, but the second got away.

A local truck stop worker, who did not want to talk on camera, said she knew of at least 50 other trailers that have been burglarized across Arkansas in the past few weeks.

Mario Miller has driven trucks for more than a decade. He learned about the manhunt while traveling back to Memphis from San Antonio, Texas.

"We are out here working hard for our money, so they need to do the same instead of trying to rob and steal," Miller said.

The search spanned multiple jurisdictions as officers combed the area.

Miller said truck stops are like homes away from home for truckers. When they pull over to rest, they can only hope the area is secure.

"It is dangerous for us, because by the time we open our door somebody can come up from behind our truck and hit us upside the head," Miller added.

Investigators would not reveal what the suspected burglars were trying to steal from the trailer.

Meanwhile, Miller said he hopes the incident will teach truckers to stay vigilant.

"We need more security to keep us safe," he said.

Arkansas police have not released suspect information, saying the search is still an ongoing investigation.

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