Lottery winner shares his 'winning secrets'

Lottery winner shares his winning secrets

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Wednesday's estimated Powerball jackpot is at $500 million and growing. Everyone who buys a ticket wishes they had a winning formula, but only one man claims he does.

Richard Lustig says he's won seven lottery game grand prizes. He claims to be the only person in the world to achieve that feat, and he says there's a strategy to it.

1. Never get quick pick or random numbers.

"Every time you get a quick pick you are getting a different set of numbers," Lustig said. "Therefore your odds are always at their worst."

2. Pick your own numbers and stay with them.

"Don't ever change any of those numbers, ever. And don't miss a drawing on that game. If it's twice a week, play those set of numbers every time."

3. Play within your budget.

"Lottery fever, which happens to so many people. They spend more than they can afford. Don't worry about what other people are spending. Figure what you can afford and stick with that."

Lustig has a book and a website explaining how he thinks his method will beat the odds and help you win big.

There is nothing wrong with any of these strategies, but beware, no strategy is guaranteed to work.

The odds of any ticket winning the big jackpot are one in 175,000,000. No tricks or strategy will change the cold hard math.

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