Thieves steal trailer used by food pantry to pick up donations

Trailer stolen from Mississippi food pantry

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - Helping the less fortunate will be more difficult for a food pantry in Southaven after thieves stole a trailer used to pick up food donations.

The large trailer was stolen from Heartland Hands Food Pantry over the weekend. The trailer is essential for volunteers to pick up thousands of pounds of food donations each week.

The food pantry feeds almost 600 families from Southaven and Horn Lake each month. Even though there was no food on the trailer, volunteers feel like the thieves stole food right out of hungry people's mouths.

Leon Martin's heart sank when he learned thieves targeted the food pantry.

"Sometimes you'll see tears in their eyes and you'll see smiles and they're so appreciative of what we're here to do," he said.

Assistant Director Mike Higgins says that less fortunate families are the real victims.

"Not being able to serve the community is actually taking food out of people's mouths," Higgins said.

Heartland Church gives Heartland Hands the space to operate.

"If you're willing to stoop low enough to steal out of the Lord's house, there's no telling what you will do elsewhere," Higgins added. "Now we're forced to rent the truck at about a cost of $130 a time, with money that we really don't have."

Southaven police officers are now on a mission to catch whoever is responsible. If you have any information about the stolen trailer, call 663-393-5283. To reach out to Heartland Hands with tips or help, call 662-280-5365 or email

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