'Pillowcase Bandits' arrested after six county crime spree

'Pillowcase Bandits' arrested after six county crime spree

MARSHALL CO., MS (WMC) - Several suspects accused of using pillowcases to carry items stolen from people's homes are now in custody. Tyrone Bell is charged with burglary. Charges against additional suspects are expected to be announced in the coming days.

Marshall County investigators say they caught multiple suspects involved in a burglary ring involving at least 16 incidents. The alleged crimes span six counties across Mississippi and Tennessee, including Marshall, Lee, Shelby, Benton, Union and Tippah counties.

"It's going to put my wife at ease," said Brandon Allen. "Every night she comes home worried."

Allen's wife came home to a ransacked house. Their home is one of 20 that was targeted by the 'Pillowcase Bandits.'

"They went through every door, everything in our bedroom was thrown on the bed," he recalled.

Allen's pillowcases were still there, but the thieves used their luggage to haul off their loot.

"We noticed that they stole her luggage bags and just filled things in the house, even just as small as bathroom essential stuff," he added.

Marshall County investigators are still in the process of returning stolen items to their rightful owners.

Nearby, Tate County is checking to see if some of their burglaries could be connected to the 'Pillowcase Bandits.'

Bell and the other suspects will have to return to each county to face the charges.


said they were dealing with a group of bandits taking everything from money to guns to jewelry.

Pulaski is located in Giles County. Investigators there knew of at least 25 thefts over the last several months. Those investigators also dubbed the thieves "pillowcase bandits," because in at least one burglary they actually stole pillowcases.

It has not been said whether the group arrested in Marshall County is in any way related to the burglaries in Pulaski and the surrounding areas.

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