Mid-South neighbors say man terrorizing them is now mocking them

Mid-South neighbors say man terrorizing them is now mocking them

CHERRY VALLEY, AR (WMC) - Kenneth and Vaddie Hill say it was bad enough when their neighbor, Holbrook Mitchell, started setting fires in a field across from their Cherry Valley, Arkansas house and generally terrorizing them.

But they say the T-shirt is too much. Mitchell is pictured in a T-shirt that reads, The Nightmare Next Door, the title of an investigative story on WMC Action News Five about the Hills and Mitchell.

Kenneth Hill said, "It's very disturbing. He looks real proud with the T-shirt. He looks real proud."

Vaddie Hill said, "It seems like to me, he's admitting yeah I did it. What you going to do about it?"

The Hills say Mitchell has been terrorizing them for months. They have video of someone setting fires, following them around town, and revving a motorcycle at the end of their driveway. Someone even shot a hole in their house that appeared to come from Mitchell's porch.

The Hills say Mitchell hasn't stopped. "Around 10:30 he came from his house in the field close to our house setting fires. It's like Jekyll and Hyde so to speak because all this stuff come out at night."

The Hills say they have talked with the FBI. They have taken Mitchell to court for harassment and because Mitchell's dog attacked their dog.

They will be back in court next week after a judge looks at their video.

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