FedEx increases efficiency with cutting-edge technology

FedEx increases efficiency with cutting-edge technology

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Are you mailing your sweetheart a Valentine's gift this year? If so, it could be shipped by FedEx using cutting-edge technology.

The Memphis-based company is getting help from the Federal Aviation Administration's Next-Gen technology to make sure your gifts arrive safely and on time.

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta was in Memphis with a group of national air traffic controllers to talk about a new program that is advancing the way packages are delivered.

"How can we make the system we have more efficient?" Huerta asked.

NextGen Wake Turbulence Recatergorization or Wake RECAT is a pilot program being used in Memphis. Its technology and investments are designed to save time and fuel while reducing CO2 emissions. This program is also used in Louisville, KY and Atlanta, GA.

With the implementation of Wake RECAT, FedEx increased its flight operations.

"Here in Memphis, that means an increase of 20 percent in the capacity of the airport," Huerta explained.

"It provides much better service, reliability, and on-time performance for FedEx to our customers here in the United States and all around the world," said FedEx President and CEO David Bronczek.

The success of the program also means safer flights and a happy Valentine's Day for lovers.

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