Social media helps locate lost photo album's family

Social media helps locate lost photo album's family

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An amazing photo album, containing pictures dating back more than 100 years, is on its way to Kansas City, Missouri, after social media helped track down its rightful owners.

The photo album was left at a Midtown copy store years ago. It was found by Jonathan Gibbs, who used to work at the copy store and hung on to the album, hoping he would find who it belongs to.

Brian Mouse, 45, never expected to get an email from someone he didn't know, alerting him to the story on

"I saw the pictures of it [the album] and I said, 'Well, that's my great grandparents and my uncles," he laughed.

Mouse said the album has pictures of his great, great grandfather and a great uncle who fought in World War I. At least four generations are represented in the album.

"The one picture with them on the front porch, that is a picture of the whole family," he said.

Mouse lives in Kansas City, near the original farmhouse where many of the photos were taken. In fact, he knows of no family that lives or has lived in Memphis. So, it's a mystery as to how the album ended up at the store on Union Avenue.

"I've talked to three different relatives in that family and they're all scattered throughout the country and none of them can think of who was in Memphis, Tennessee in 2008 or 2009," said Gibbs, who recently contacted WMC Action News 5 about the album. "The power of social media. Out of the woodwork, people from this family all over the United States were messaging me and it was almost overwhelming."

"It's going to be simply amazing going through that book from more than 100 years ago," Mouse said about the lost pictures and memories that are being sent back to his family.

The Mouse family is eagerly awaiting the album's arrival.

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