No bond set for Noura Jackson

No bond set for Noura Jackson

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A judge did not set bond for Noura Jackson because no one from the prosecution was represented during Friday's hearing.

After five years in prison, Jackson could be one step closer to freedom after a 2009 second-degree murder conviction in the brutal stabbing death of her mother. She was moved from prison and is now being held in Jail East.

In August 2014, Tennessee Supreme Court granted Jackson a new trial saying that during the first proceedings handled by then-lead prosecutor, who is now District Attorney General Amy Weirich, Jackson's constitutional rights were violated.

In a hearing held on Jan. 12, 2015, Jackson's attorney filed several motions that led to Friday's bond hearing. Shelby County District Attorney's Office recused itself from the case. A special prosecutor must be assigned to the case before a bond hearing can happen.

“While this office has not been disqualified to proceed with the prosecution of St. v. Noura Jackson, I have decided to request the Tennessee District Attorney Generals Conference to appoint a Pro Tem to handle the prosecution of this case. Jennifer Jackson and her family and friends deserve to have this matter proceed in the courts without the distraction of our office's involvement. I am making this decision in the interest of justice for Jennifer Jackson.” - Amy Weirich

"I'm going to delay the bond hearing," the judge decided. "This is not an emergency."

But, Jackson's supporters disagree.

"The district attorney has indicated for three months that they would not recuse themselves and did so today on the bond hearing," said Jackson's co-counselor, Michael Working.

"From the prison, where they had activity, she had a job, she had things she could do, and now that she's in jail where she sits in her cell and I think that makes it an emergency, in my opinion," added Ansley Larsson.

The state has until March 13 to assign the special prosecutor. Jackson will remain in jail until that happens.

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