MLGW crews prep for possible power outages

MLGW crews prep for possible power outages

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As soon as temperatures around Memphis began to drop below 32 degrees, John Henson began dripping his faucets to prevent freezing.

Henson is like a lot of people who remember previous storms back in 1994 that froze pipes and knocked out power.

At Memphis Light, Gas, and Water stations around the city, crews are prepared to deal with any possible bad weather. They're monitoring conditions and getting equipment ready to restore power to any neighborhood if needed.

"What we have to be concerned about are trees and limbs falling on our lines from wind and rain and ice," said MLGW Director of Communications Gail Jones Carson.

If your power goes out, don't assume MLGW knows. Call the outage line at 901-544-6500.

In addition to dripping your faucets, wrap your pipes to protect them from cold temperatures. Also, pack a safety kit with candles and other things that will come in handy if you lose power.

"And we suggest having bottled water, canned food, prescriptions medicine a flash light with radio and batteries," added Carson.

Crews suggest that homeowners be extremely careful with space heaters, making sure they are secure and away from anything flammable so they don't spark a dangerous fire.

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