Overnight re-freeze a worry for TDOT, others

Overnight re-freeze a worry for TDOT, others

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The big worry is potential re-refreeze on the roadways.

City, county, and state crews are working around the clock, but they say drivers must take responsibility as well.

WMC Action News 5's Jason Miles spotted a driver purposely cutting up on an ice-covered parking lot Monday night.  It looked dangerous to other drivers.

"Yeah, he could tear his car up like that," said Curtis Mayfield.

Other drivers inadvertently ended up in a skid.

"Predominantly, it's people going off the road," said Tennessee Department of Transportation manager Gary Darnell. "And we're able to get them back on the road," he added.

Darnell works inside TDOT's traffic management center in Memphis, where 125 camera feeds are closely monitored. Employees helped coordinate nearly twice as many emergency responses Monday than on an average day.

"It's been a really busy day," said Darnell.

And just think, it was a holiday.

"Actually worried about it freezing over tonight and creating a bigger problem in the morning," said Darnell.

TDOT uses snow-plows to clear major highways and interstates while city and county crews primarily rely on salt and sand trucks. That means side streets can often be the most slippery. Mayfield may have had the best advice when it comes to maneuvering your car in icy conditions.

"I just advise people to just drive slowly," he said.

Drivers who are out and about appear to be taking their time, drivers getting on the roads in the morning are advised to leave early.

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