Mid-South emergency rooms treating people with weather-related injuries

Mid-South emergency rooms treating people with weather-related injuries

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis hospitals have already treated a number of people who arrived at the emergency room with weather-related injuries.

The trauma center at Regional Medical Center says, since Monday, it has not seen a large number of people with serious injuries, but it has seen more than a handful come in after falling in the icy conditions.

A spokesperson from Le Bonheur Children's Hospital says their emergency room treated 10 people after sledding accidents happened over the past two days.

At Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, the emergency room treated a few people who broke their ankles while falling.

Tuesday, WMC Action  News 5 crews watched as sidewalks were cleared in downtown Memphis, making them safer for walking. Keyona Lewis was tiptoeing down the icy sidewalks.

"We're just taking slow steps. We're sliding a little bit. We're just trying to be cautious and be safe," Lewis said.

Pamela Finnie is an injury prevention coordinator at Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

"If you're walking out in the streets, bend at your knees and take slow steps. That way you can decrease that risk of falling," Finnie said.

Regional One is urging people who have to be out in the icy conditions to be aware of their surroundings, wear reflective gear, and look where they're going.

Regional One also released the following list to help you stay safe when going outside in the winter weather:

- Take the sidewalk when walking
- Wear bright reflective clothing – ensure that you can see others as well as allowing other to see you
- Ensure that your visions is unrestricted with hats, scarfs, hoodies, ski masks
- Cross walkways at the designated area – again ensuring others can see you
- Remember that the ice can hide, it's still there
- Remain alert while walking or driving
- Be mindful of steps
- Bend your knees slightly, take slower, shorter steps
- Be mindful of overhead icicles

If you're using a standalone heater...

- Ensure that is it is kept away from flammable items
- Never leave a standalone heater operating unattended
- Ensure kids maintain a safe distance from the standalone heater

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