Where are drivers more likely to get stuck in ice?

Where are drivers more likely to get stuck in ice?

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Cars and trucks are getting stuck and sliding through streets in Midtown and Downtown Memphis.

Trucks on Highway 385 are spinning and crashing because of the winter weather.

Many people are trying to avoid the roads all together because many roads still have patches of ice.

"Well, we haven't gotten our car out since Saturday," said Memphian Kate Hackett. "So I've just been staying in and off the streets."

As some take to the sidewalks, others appear to be more brave, daring to drive in the icy conditions.

"It's terrible. It depends on how the weather is," said driver Deandre Moore. "If your vehicle is not up to par it probably won't be right."

Cars are stalling at intersections and getting stuck on large hills. The thick ice provides tires with very little traction and makes cars glide and skid.

The AW Willis Bridge is a prime place for problems after a freeze.  WMC Action News 5's Felicia Bolton's car stalled on the bridge and a city worker had to come help her.

When it comes to dealing with these slick streets, some people just aren't willing to risk it.

"They've been so icy and I've seen people slipping and sliding," said Hackett. "And I've been watching the news so I've just been avoiding."

If you choose to travel, watch out for black ice on roadways, and if you start to skid, make sure you know how to stop your car safely.

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