Parents, kids feel differently about school closures

Parents, kids feel differently about school closures

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Schools across the Mid-South remain closed Tuesday and the list of school districts planning to stay closed Wednesday is growing.

Icy roads and frigid temperatures are preventing many schools from opening their doors this week. It's keeping some parents from earning a paycheck as they stay home with the kids.

For 8-year-old Jonna-Richie Ingram, the day off from school is a dream come true.

"I like staying at home because I get to play with all the stuff I have," she said.

But for her mother, missing school also means missing a full day of wages.

"I'm counting my pennies like everybody else, you know," Porsche Stevens said. "So, it does affect me financially to be off from work."

As a single mom, Porsche is the family's bread winner. Keeping her daughter at home on Tuesday was the most affordable option.

"You're looking for reliable help. You know financially the cost that comes with that," she explained.

The decision to stay home was a difficult one to make, especially after taking her daughter to work with her on President's Day.

"That's a hard one," she said. "The middle of the week, plus it's behind a holiday. It's hard to find someone. It's expensive and just hard to find."

In Jonna's eyes, though, the wintry conditions make for the best "mommy and me" time.

"Because I got to spend time with her," Jonna said.

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