Mid-Southerners prepare their pipes for frigid temperatures

Mid-Southerners prepare their pipes for frigid temperatures

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - First the ice, then the snow, and now Mid-Southerners are bracing for single-digit temperatures. Add it all up and it's a recipe for busted pipes.

"If the water is not moving, it's more prone for the water line to freeze," Jermaine Ray of Roto Rooter said.

Ray's fixed a lot of busted pipes since signing on as a technician for Roto Rooter.

Water expands when it freezes. If that happens inside your pipes, the expansion can break the pipe. Then when the ice thaws, it leaks out through the crack in the plumbing.

Ray says one way to protect your pipes is to let your faucets drip. He says it is best to drip water from the hot side of the faucet.

Another tip: open up cabinets around your pipes.

"You can open up the cabinet and have the pipes exposed to the...heat of the house," Ray said. "So they won't freeze up."

He says its also a good idea to put insulation around your pipes, especially pipes with outside water hose connections.

Ray says you need to know where your water shutoff valve is located.

If your pipes do burst, that shutoff valve can prevent water from leaking throughout your house.

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