Technician offers heater advice to keep you from being left in the cold

Technician offers heater advice to keep you from being left in the cold

HERNANDO, MS (WMC) - With temperatures dipping into the single digits Wednesday night, there is no doubt that most people will crank up the heat. But some people are already having problems with their heating units.

Experts are sharing advice to help you make sure your heater doesn't leave you in the cold.

Service technician trucks lined Rhonda Alliston's driveway on Tuesday morning after temperatures dropped and her heater went out.

"It was a loud boom and it smelled like burned rubber, so we just turned the unit off and we've been without heat since," she said.

Since Monday, the Alliston's have been heating their home with a wood-burning stove. They were thrilled when Charles Craig of Conway Services showed up to make repairs.

"The main issues was this blower wheel right here. It's totally separated and these fins came free and the motor continued to spin and it jammed a couple of the fins into another section," he explained. "That caused the damage."

Craig says the extra cold temperatures puts added pressure and more demands on your heating units.

"So you know at 40 degrees, the unit is going to run so much at 30 degrees, its going to increase at 20 degrees, its going to increase the run times it takes it longer to heat the home up," Craig added.

He says the key to protecting your heating unit is maintenance.

"You know, just having a technician say, clean it regularly and check it out. There are things that we can recognize before they give you a problem," Craig said.

Making sure you have a clean filter is just one thing you can do to prevent some problems.

"And the number one cause of heating and air failures is dirt," Craig said. "You know your filter would be your number one line of maintenance and that's something homeowners should pay a little bit more attention to."

Meanwhile, Rhonda Alliston is very happy to have her heater working again, but she admits having no heat did give her family members more quality time together.

"Because we are all in one room," she said. "It was too cold to go in other parts of the house so we just kind of stayed here and watched movies with the fire going. Kind of cozy."

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