School district won't talk about pranksters' punishments

School district won't talk about pranksters' punishments

SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - Southaven High School students, and a few teen pranksters, went back to school Thursday after wintry weather prompted the cancellation of classes earlier this week.

The teens tried to turn their high school parking lot into a frozen slip and slide, then posted the play-by-play to social media networks. Despite their attempts, the parking lot was not a solid sheet of ice and students returned to class.

"It's a prank until somebody gets hurt," said parent Timothy Ballow.

The pranksters tweeted that they expected trouble at school, "I already know we goin (sic) to office, so ima (sic) walk around and shake hands."

School leaders would not say whether the teenagers were disciplined, citing federal laws.

"I don't think it should render, like, a suspension, but maybe, like, some on campus extra duty. Show a little bit more respect for their school property," said parent Deborah Martinez.

A teen who appeared in one of the videos could be seen at the school Thursday afternoon shoveling ice.

Punishment or not, many parents hope teens will think before they act or post things online.

"They could have caused someone to have an accident," said parent Birgit Rutledge.

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