Icy sidewalks a hazard for folks on foot

Icy sidewalks make walking difficult

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Many roads were clear by Friday afternoon, but sidewalks and shady areas became even icier, making for a treacherous walk.

Two people, Jimmy and Tiffany, held on to one another as Jimmy took baby steps and almost fell on the trolley tacks in Downtown Memphis.

"The ice is horribly slick," said Jimmy. "Don't get on it; it's horrible."

They just arrived from Arkansas to spend the weekend in Memphis, but they don't know how to ice skate.

Marne Melkonyan gave it a go, almost falling as she deliberately slid on the ice.

"It's tough," Melkonyan admitted. "It's challenging. It's not safe to walk on."

The ice made parts of Downtown Memphis look like an ice rink had appeared near city hall.

One couple maneuvered the best they could as another woman slowly walked across the sidewalk, holding onto a lamp post to help her.

Families, and their pets, slowly worked their way around the icy streets.

The ice is now melting with rain and higher temperatures, and that should help people walk without falling.

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